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At T-RX Pharmacy, we go beyond distributing medicine. When you become our customer, you instantly become a part of our family. We are renowned for always going above and beyond for our customers and developing genuine connections with them. That is why we are one of the leading pharmacies in Cape Coral and beyond.

Come to our Cape Coral pharmacy and join the hundreds of members of our extended family who have relied on us for years.

Our Cape Coral pharmacy makes it easier for you to get access to your monthly prescriptions that you need in the comfort of your home, whether you are confined to your bed or just seeking more convenience. Just ask your doctor to send your prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy, “T-Rx Pharmacy” (Don’t forget the dash!), call us to confirm we received the prescriptions, and wait for your doorbell to ring. We’ll do the rest.

TRx Pharmacy - Best Cape Coral Pharmacy

Cape Coral Pharmacy


TRx Pharmacy - Best Cape Coral Pharmacy | Free delivery

Free Delivery to Anywhere in Cape Coral

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Free Delivery to Anywhere in Cape Coral

Eliminate that monthly errand to the pharmacy and never run out of important medications with T-Rx Pharmacy. We want to always be just one call away for your health needs. We offer free delivery.

TRx Pharmacy - Best Cape Coral Pharmacy | Cheapest prices in Cape Coral

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

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Guaranteed Lowest Prices

We assure you would have the best prescribed treatment plan for your personal needs. At T-Rx Pharmacy we keep the costs down for our customers. We will make sure to save you the most for your health needs.

TRx Pharmacy - Best Cape Coral Pharmacy | Family Owned Pharmacy

Family Owned & Personalized Service

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Family Owned & Personalized Service

At our Cape Coral Pharmacy we have a vision a lot bigger then just providing you with the best customer service. We plan to have a pharmacy where we know you personally. We want you; the customer, to feel like a part of our family.

Your Cape Coral Pharmacy Promises to Provide the Utmost Level of Patient Care that a Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy can Provide.

TRx Pharmacy is a Great Place to Spend Less & Save More

Our independent Cape Coral pharmacy prices are lower than chain prices. While it is known that national chains charge some of the highest out-of-pocket costs, our pharmacy offers a variety of payment options and discount programs to make care accessible to everyone.

We will work with our patients to suggest and dispense a prescription option that is less expensive than chain pharmacies. TRx Pharmacy isn’t just about making a sale and dispensing medications; Rather, we want to provide clinical care that goes beyond prescriptions and has a long-term impact on a patient’s health and quality of life. AT TRx Pharmacy, we care.

How Can We Compete with the Big Corporations in the Pricing Department?

The answer is straightforward. At T-Rx Pharmacy, we want to make an honest living while keeping costs down for our customers. Therefore, we use McKesson Corporation as our supplier giving us access to the same medications as the big corporations. Also, helping our purchasing, we are a part of the Health Mart Network, which encompasses over 3,500 independently owned and operated pharmacies throughout the country. With all this said, it is safe to say we will be sure to have the lowest pharmacy prices while saving you the most for your health needs.

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About TRx Team

T-Rx Pharmacy has been the life-long dream of experienced pharmacist Terry J. Cordisco since him and his wife Stephanie had their first son. Terry’s dream became reality when he decided to open T-Rx Pharmacy with his sons Terigio and Dominic in June of 2016. Terry has worked in various community-retail pharmacies for over 32 years. Eldest son Terigio Cordisco, current store manager of T-Rx Pharmacy, was a pharmacy technician and manager for CVS for over 11 years. Youngest Son Dominic Cordisco, a Pharmacist that strives to follow in Terry’s footsteps, is a former Pharm.D graduate from LECOM’s Bradenton College of Pharmacy. It is safe to say we are 100% family-owned and operated since T-Rx Pharmacy conception.

At T-Rx Pharmacy we have a vision a lot bigger then just providing you with the best customer service. We plan to have a pharmacy where we know you personally. We want you the customer to feel the comfort level like being a part of our family. Our idea of quality care is being more than just a pharmacy to you, we want you to feel  as an extension of your family.

We hope that you find in our community pharmacy, the individual attention that myself and my sons believe everyone should receive. You should know your pharmacist just like you know your doctor so that you have a secure comfort level with your medication regimen. All questions are addressed through patient counseling.

T-Rx Pharmacy wants to make a promise to you, our customer. At T-Rx Pharmacy we will always strive to maintain a level of excellence that is unsurpassable anywhere else. We guarantee our patients an atmosphere where we know you by name because you are not just another customer to the T-Rx family.

Cape Coral Pharmacy Services

Terry can offer extensive counseling for his patients

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Wide Variety of Vitamins

  • Wide Variety of Dollar Deals

  • Wide Variety of Over the Counter Selection

  • 20% Off on all Over the Counter Items

  • Compression Support Stockings

  • Diabetic Educator

  • Free Blood Pressure Reading

  • Free Glucose Reading

  • Free Diabetic Meter, Strips, and Lancets to New Diabetic Patients

  • Pet Medications

  • Wound Care

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